If you don’t have the time or resources to attend regular weekly lessons. one of our workshops may be a great option for you! These workshops are run periodically throughout the year. To find out when our next workshop is taking place, please get in touch with us here.

Music and Movement for Children

Ages: 7-10

Duration: 90 Minutes

Max Numbers: 10

Give your child the experience of singing and dancing in a safe and encouraging environment. Children will experience:

  • A selection of musical ‘ice breakers’ so we can get to know each other and free ourselves up for creativity
  • A brief introduction on how to use their voices including a vocal warm up
  • Learning a song all together and breaking into small solos and groups
  • Adding movement and performance aspects to the song and bringing it all together

Power Up Your Performance Skills

Ages: 11-15 and adults (grouped and scheduled separately)

Duration: 2 hours

Max Numbers: 10

In this musical workshop, students learn the importance of creating engaging and meaningful performances for their audience. Being a great singer is one thing, but being able to take your audience members on a journey as you perform is another. Students are asked to have a song fully prepared before attending. This includes having memorised the words and being able to sing the song proficiently with a backing track. Over the duration of the workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • Establishing the ‘back story’ of your song. Who? What? When? Why?
  • Connecting with the ’emotion’ in your song
  • Mapping out the phrasing and operative words within your song
  • Tricks for altering vocal tone and delivery to make your story ‘pop’
  • The importance of hand gestures and facial expressions – being ‘believable’
  • Movement around stage

How does my voice work?

Ages: 16 – adult

Duration: 3 hours


Max Numbers: 10

If you’re new to singing or even if you’ve been singing for a while and you’ve hit a road block, this workshop is for you! We will introduce the basic principle of how your voice works and how you can set out on the correct path to singing with great technique!

We will cover:

  • Basic anatomy and function
  • Parts of the voice; power, source, filter
  • Muscle groups involved in phonation
  • The difference between pitch and resonance
  • Chest voice
  • Head voice
  • Mix voice
  • Achieving vocal equilibrium
  • Singing through the passages
  • Common errors made as we approach our passages
  • Live vocal assessments for voluntary students

Workshop Structure:

6.30PM – Welcome and Introductions

6.45PM – 7.30PM – Vocal Anatomy 

Ten Minute Break (Tea, Coffee and Biscuits provided)

7.40PM – 8.25PM – Vocal Technique

Ten Minute Break (Tea, Coffee and Biscuits provided)

8.35 – 9.20PM – Live Demonstrations from workshop attendees. 

9.20PM – 9.30PM – Questions and close. 



Singing and Performance Master Class

Ages: All ages. This workshop is offered to specific age groups on a regular basis

Duration: 2 hours

Max Numbers: Dependent on venue

Our singing and performance master classes are a great opportunity to see first-hand how your singing or performing can be improved by following the advice of our experienced staff. At these events, five ‘subjects’ perform a song for the audience. They are then ‘coached’ on either singing or performance as the audience looks on. After this short coaching session, the student then has the opportunity to perform the song again as we watch the amazing results!

Guitar Basics

Ages: All ages. This workshop is offered to specific ages groups on a regular basis

Duration: 1-2 hours depending on ages

Max Numbers: 8

If you’ve been strumming your guitar at home and feel lost as to how to improve or what to do next, this course is for you! Designed to set up any beginning guitarist with a solid set of foundational guitar skills to build upon in the future.

Guitar workshops include:

  • Basic guitar structure and parts
  • Strings and frets
  • Warm up stretching
  • Correct playing position
  • Holding the pick
  • String note values
  • Tuning by ear
  • Picking strings
  • Strumming
  • Basic chord shapes
  • 2-3 basic songs