Client Testimonials


“My son has loved learning with the wonderful Adrian who is so fantastic with my son, who he just adores. The patience, the friendly atmosphere and experience Adrian has is incredible and my son looks forward each week to his lesson. Thank you for making my son’s dream of playing the guitar come true.”

Debbie – Son aged nine, learning guitar for 12 months


“We feel incredibly blessed to have found Freedom Music Studios. Their singing lessons are the highlight of our week and it’s a pleasure to watch them learn and grow in such a positive environment. Freedom give their students the opportunity to regularly perform in front of an audience and this really helps their confidence and progress. We have experienced several other music schools over the years and I couldn’t recommend Freedom more highly. We are forever grateful for their wonderful gift of music to us.”

Nicole – Nine year old son and five year old daughter


“Dhee’s voice control has gone from strength to strength in the last year since starting with Clare. She is such an inspiring and motivating teacher who encourages my son always to challenge himself to sing different songs. She always knows the best ways to guide him through different songs so well that he sounds very confident and amazing at all the performances. Adrian has concentrated on refining Dhee’s guitar playing technique and as a result we have seen a marked improvement in his playing in just a short time. Adrian is a very dedicated and fun teacher and Dhee really enjoys the lessons and loves having Adrian backing him up during performancesRecently Dhee and another student of Clare’s got up on stage and performed a song impromptu which says a lot for the confidence and ability that has been gained from the voice and guitar lessons. Would highly recommend Freedom Music Studios to anyone!”

Dhan – 10 year old son Dhee


“I have been singing for more than 35 years and have attended many different singing schools and teachers. Clare has been the only teacher to explain the anatomy of my voice in such detail to me. I consider myself to be quite accomplished and started lessons with Clare just to keep up my exercises and agility. What an amazing surprise to find that I still had so much to learn! Clare’s expertise and passion is so admirable. She puts 110% in to everything she does and together with her husband, Adrian, they offer the whole package. With performance opportunities as well, I would highly recommend (and have already done!) Freedom Music Studios to anyone, any age!”

Robyn – Vocal lessons at Freedom, five months


“After changing from another singing coach, I cannot believe the difference such a simple desision has made to Chloe’s confidence and attitude in such a short amount of time. Clare and Adrian are truly passionate about what they do and consistently go beyond the call of duty to help their students. Whether its voice training or guitar tuition you are looking for, you cannot go past Freedom Music Studios. Thanks guys, you are amazing!!!!”

Gina – 14 year old daughter, singing and guitar, 4 months


“My voice has become stronger, my range increased and my knowledge of how to use my voice, safely, to give colour to my performances grows with every lesson. I have shifted interstate since starting my lessons with Clare, but I continue to have them using Skype over the Internet and I continue to come to Clare in person whenever I am in Melbourne. We have so much fun and learning every lesson and I’ve gone from being shy to sing in front of people to embracing singing as a natural thing that should never be hidden away. Please do yourself a life-changing favour and go and meet Clare and Adrian. Your musical life will be inspired!”



“The freedom to express yourself vocally. Clare Assetta does not judge but rather encourages and evokes. Expertise, professionalism and talent blend perfectly within a nurturing and non-threatening environment and Clare’s teaching technique brings out the joy in those who want to sing out loud. I cannot begin to express the delight I gain from seeing the pleasure and growth that my daughter gains from lessons.”

Jura – daughter taking regular lessons


“I have always had a huge fear of singing, even when I’m by myself. I really wanted to overcome this, so began lessons with Clare earlier this year. I was terrified, but thank goodness she has been so understanding and non-judgemental. I’ve got a long way to go, but through Clare’s awesome vocal exercises and encouragement I can feel my voice and nerves strengthening a bit more each week.”



“We have been so impressed with Clare’s professionalism, and the passion for her craft is clearly evident. We have noticed a rapid improvement in the quality of Josh’s voice, and are confident that the techniques he has been learning with Clare will protect his vocal chords for a lifetime. Being part of Freedom Music Studios has not only been a positive experience for Josh but for our whole family. We have enjoyed monthly, individual and group performances at master classes from all the students. osh has been thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and develop some skills in group performance. A big thank you Clare, we are so fortunate to have discovered you!”

Belinda, 15 year old son, few months


“Intellectual singing lessons. I’ve had a lot of different singing teachers over the past seven years, and Clare is easily the most knowledgeable and motivating one I’ve had. Clare has a knowledge not a lot of other singing teachers have about the muscles that operate your singing and how it is that one actually sings. With her degree in anatomy, more than 15 years of experience in singing and knowledge of many different popular singing techniques, she has created her own style of singing lessons. Highly recommended for singers who want to know exactly what’s going on inside their throat and understand their instrument as much as they can.”

Tim, adult private lessons


“THANK YOU CLARE! Only a few months ago I was just someone who loved singing but never actually sang in front of anyone else! When I sing I am the happiest girl in the world, completely in my element – however before meeting Clare, and without Freedom Music Studios, I never had the confidence to perform, as I do now. Without Clare’s constant encouragement, patience and amazing knowledge of the voice, I would never have reached the place I am now! She allows me to embrace every little idea I have when it comes to my voice, and really nurtures and supports my desire to grow as a vocalist. I am constantly learning new techniques in my lessons – I am definitely learning from the best!”



“My singing has improved immensely thanks to her professional attitude, experience and encouragement. Now I am more confident and have a much greater ability than I could have previously imagined. Clare is very welcoming and makes me feel comfortable and at ease when having my one on one lessons.”

Tara – Vocal lessons, few months


“CLARE IS AMAZING!!! An absolute talent in vocal training. She has transformed my daughter’s voice and given my daughter the confidence, skills and tools to sing and perform. Words can’t describe how happy and excited we are with Clare’s vocal lessons. Every week my daughter can’t wait to get to her lesson and learn new and exciting techniques on how to use her voice more effectively. Thank you Clare, you have made my daughter very happy.”

Rosie, Daughter taking lessons for two years


“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! As an educator of adults, I use my voice for long periods on a daily basis. Clare has taught me how to use my voice more effectively and how to look after one of the most important tools of my trade. I now feel more confident in my ability to engage my students and that the skills I am teaching are clearly understood. Thank you Clare, your knowledge and expertise have helped me immensely!”