Spotlight on our First Notes Teacher – Mita Rossello

We first met Mita as an enthusiastic 12 year old, when she came for a free trial voice lesson. Even at this early stage, we could see that Mita had an unshakable passion for music.  She never missed a lesson, practiced diligently and attended every single performance event that was humanly possible. I think the […]

What to expect in a private lesson at Freedom Music Studios

Ever wondered what happens in a private singing lesson? Have you always wanted to have a one on one session but not known how to go about it? Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll experience when you start private singing lessons with Freedom Music Studios. Each lesson begins with a voice training workout consisting of […]

Just some of the benefits of singing lessons at Freedom Music Studios

We truly believe that singing is a great joy in life. A lot of people love it, not many pursue their passion and work on their voice. We wanted to share with you just some of the benefits of taking singing lessons at Freedom Music Studios. LEARN FROM THE PROFESSIONALS All of our vocal coaches […]

How we assess your voice before starting singing lessons!

Everyone’s voice is different and unique. We learn to speak, but we often don’t understand how our voice works or how to make the most of it. At Freedom Music Studios, our aim is to support every student in using their voice in the safest and most effective way possible. To know how to best […]

Meet Adrian, Our Principal Guitar Coach

Adrian Assetta is the driving force behind the Guitar School at Freedom Music Studios and the services we provide. Adrian has spent the past 30 years studying the art of guitar playing and musicianship. Adrian has: Studied Music at Box Hill Institute. Studied Sound Engineering at RMIT, Melbourne. Taken years of private lessons from a […]

Meet Our Principal Singing Teacher, Clare Assetta

Meet Clare! The Owner and Principal Voice and Performance Coach at Freedom Music Studios. Clare Assetta is the driving force behind Freedom Music Studios and the services we provide. Clare has spent the past 17 years studying the art of Vocal Production. Her qualifications include: A Bachelor of Science majoring in anatomy and physiology. A Diploma of […]


The Opening Act at our 2017 May Cabaret Live! A few weeks ago, we staged one of our biggest performance events of the year, our May Cabaret Live! Here at Freedom, we run 12 performance events per year, however; our Cabaret Live shows are the biggest and most exciting of them all.   In summary, […]