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Dhee Wickramasinghe performing Trembling Hands

Dhee Wickramasinghe (12 years old) performing at our October Cabaret Live 2014.

Paris Collins performing Gotcha

Paris Collins (11 years old) performing Gotcha at our October Cabaret Live 2014.

Maddy Alcock performing You & I

Maddy Alcock (21 years) performing You and I at our October Cabaret Live, 2014

Louise Acheson performing Black Hole Sun

Louise Acheson (31 years) performing Black Hole Sun at our October Cabaret Live 2014.

Charley Cestnik - Mamma Knows Best

Charley Cestnik, 12 years old, performs Mamma Knows Best at our October Cabaret Live Show 2015. Charley went on to win our 2015 Student of The Year Award for her amazing dedication towards her study of voice and performance throughout 2015. Well done Charley!

Celine Robinson - Never Walk Alone

Celine Robinson performing 'You'll Never Walk Alone' at our August Sunday Session 2014

Dhee Wickramasinghe - Brick In The Wall

Dhee worked tirelessly to perfect his guitar solo for this piece at our 2015 October Cabaret Live. He also made it that little more entertaining by inviting a handful of our other voice and guitar students to join him as part of the performance. Congratulations Dhee!

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