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If you're looking for some enjoyable, good quality singing lessons in Melbourne, you just found them!

Here at Freedom Music Studios, you are welcome!  No matter what your age or ability, we are here to mentor and nurture you along your singing journey. 

Initially, the thought of singing in front of a stranger can make a new student very nervous. Our singing teachers will make you feel welcome and secure from the minute you enter our studios. We provide a comfortable, homely environment where risks are encouraged and mistakes are allowed so that improvements can be made.

We offer a FREE TRIAL CONSULTATION to all prospective students. So please feel free to contact us and arrange a time.  

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More Than Just Singing Classes

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At Freedom Music Studios, we provide more than just singing classes.  

Our private singing lessons involve specific one on one attention with an experienced vocal coach.

Students enjoy the following... 

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    • An experienced, tertiary qualified singing teacher with specialist training in voice coaching.
    • A recording of exercises, specific to their voice after EVERY lesson.
    • A free lesson journal used for the teacher to write notes in during the lesson, for the student to record their practice and for parents to communicate with the teacher.
    • Free access to all our professionally recorded backing tracks according to their song choices. 
    • The opportunity to record their songs once they have mastered them and feel comfortable. 
    • The opportunity to perform at our monthly Sunday Sessions.
    • The opportunity to perform with a live band at our bi-annual Cabaret Live shows.
    • The opportunity to attend weekly performance classes
    • The opportunity to collaborate with other students either within or across age groups.



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Each lesson begins with a voice training workout consisting of a series of 'on pitch' exercises (played on the piano by  the singing teacher) prescribed specifically for the individual student. These exercises are designed to warm up the voice initially and then focus on the areas of weakness in order to improve coordination and flexibility.  This section may also include harmony, improvisation, sight reading and composition depending on the needs of the student.

Following their voice training, students then work on a song of their choice. Initially the focus is on song familiarisation, correct pitch, breathing, vowel shapes, vocal onsets and other technical aspects.  Once the student is negotiating the melody, with a safe and balanced technique, our singing teachers focus on aspects of performance and microphone technique.  There is also the opportunity to record their songs using semi-professional equipment which is great for highlighting the students progress and to play for friends and relatives!  Students may also opt to attend our extra performance classes as there is a lot to fit into a private lesson!



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All of our vocal coaches are tertiary qualified, have had (and continue to take) extra, specific training in voice teaching and have worked extensively in the entertainment industry. Between them, they have experience across all genres and have a wide range of contacts that can assist you with your needs. Our singing teachers still actively take lessons and train their voices daily so as to be the best possible role models for their students. 


We allow our students to choose almost any song they wish to learn in their singing classes. As long as it isn't too obscure and the lyrics are age appropriate, we are happy to help you learn all your favourites.  After all, if you don't enjoy the song you are learning, it makes it very hard to practice!


All our voice coaches are passionate about the importance of great technique; however, we also understand that sometimes the students are not! That's why we have adapted many techniques to keep the voice training section of each lesson as fun and engaging as possible. Our singing teachers also believe there needs to be a certain understanding from our students that in order to play the game (or sing the song) you have to train (do your vocal exercises) and sometimes training is a little boring... But it gets results! 

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A big part of our singing classes is the opportunity for students to participate in monthly performances. Our aim is to provide a community for students, enabling them to meet and become friends and then hopefully perform songs together.  Students learn a great deal by watching the style and creativity of other students. When students regularly participate in our performances they are driven to practice regularly and attend lessons diligently as they always have a performance to prepare for.  There is also a flare in their creativity as they are inspired by other students and take opportunities to prepare items together. Students collaborations occur across all age groups which is a wonderful learning experience for all involved. 


Students of all ages will improve their confidence and social skills after taking singing lessons and participating in performance coaching. We have turned the quietest little mouse into a confident, upstanding performer!

View some video footage of our student performances

View some photo's from our performance events


vocal coach melbourneAs a singer, your instrument is part of your body.  Therefore, not only do you need to learn how to play it, you also need to train it regularly to promote muscle memory and  keep it in peak physical condition. Learning voice is no easy task!  Your instrument, the larynx, is hidden inside your throat and hardly any of it is visible from the outside. Therefore, our method is based heavily on what you feel and the trained ears of our vocal coaches. 


The methodology used by our singing teachers is based on 17th and 18th Century principles of singing. Our signing lessons aim to train voices to sing in a free and natural manner, smoothly, from the bottom of the range to the top with no breaks or sudden changes in quality. This technique gives the singer access to all dynamics, with tonal clarity and flexibility. Our private singing classes help to improve a singer’s range, endurance, stamina, breath control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality across all styles of music without fatigue or damage to the voice. These results are achieved by training the singer to find a balance between airflow and intrinsic muscular resistance, all within a resting laryngeal posture.


All new students, from beginners to advanced, will complete a short vocal assessment in their first lesson. Following this, our singing teachers will discuss what they discovered and give the student some recommendations. From this point, all vocal exercises are geared specifically to address the areas needing work in the individual students voice. Our method establishes and strengthens the bottom, top and then middle regions of your voice. Our expert vocal coaches are trained to use a tool box of vowels, consonants, scale patterns and unfinished sounds that will balance out your voice in no time. Once one area has been addressed, we reassess and adjust the exercise prescription accordingly. Initially, our vocal coaches work towards applying good technique and balance in the voice. We then work on strength, flexibility and voice preservation. Once we have established this, we introduce vocal style. Our training provides our students with a reliable technique that will last a lifetime!

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Each student, no matter how experienced, will probably find there are certain areas of their voice where singing is more difficult than others. These more difficult areas are called vocal bridges or passagio. Singing within your bridge is known as singing ‘in the mix’ as these regions require a mixture of both the bottom and the top of your voice. Singing in the mix produces a very high energy sound that is exciting to listen to, therefore many styles of song include phrases or even whole sections that require a singer to use the mix voice.

Mastering your mix voice requires fine muscular coordination as the muscles engaged to produce your low notes are gradually released and the muscles required to produce your top notes are gradually engaged. This coordination is crucial to producing a smooth connected sound as you ascend in pitch (and vice verse when you descend.)   With regular practice, you will  be singing through your vocal bridges with ease.


We offer a free trial consultation to all new students. This way they can come and see if they enjoy it, before spending any money. 

So give us a call. We'd love to help you improve your singing and follow your dreams whether it be preparing for the big stage or just to sound better whilst singing in the shower!

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We also offer group singing lessons which are a more cost effective alternative to private singing lessons or even a stepping stone to ensure the student is fully committed to learning privately with one of our expert singing teachers.  

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