Sunday Sessions are held at our local Scout Hall approximately seven times a year. 
These sessions have become one of many students favorite things about having lessons at Freedom Music Studios. 

Students come together and perform the song they are currently working on for the other students, their families and friends.

The purpose of the Sunday Sessions is to... 

  • Introduce students to each other for future friendships and working relationships
  • Discuss problem area’s with fellow students and explain how this is shaping their training. 
  • Develop confidence when performing live.
  • Listen to other students and learn from them.
  • Enjoy singing and playing in a group with their peers.

Students learn from these experiences in many ways. Firstly it helps them to beat their fears of public performance, secondly it allows them to listen to other students and learn from them and thirdly they interact with other students of similar interests and really begin to feel like part of our little community.

As well as the performances, attendees are asked to contribute to light refreshments and we provide a cuppa. It's always a great afternoon of social interaction and positive reinforcement for our students. Everyone is welcome to perform or just watch. Many family and friends enjoy seeing the improvement in our students from one month to the next. It’s a whole lot of fun and the essence of what Freedom Music Studios are all about!

See our Performance Schedule for the date of our next Sunday Session 

See our gallery page for reports and photo's of past Suunday Sessions 



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