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Situated in Rowville, South East of Melbourne, Freedom Music Studios aim to provide quality tuition and artist develoment to students of all ages. We foster a welcoming, non threatening and supportive environment, that encourages our students to experiment and take risks without feeling uneasy. We hold regular performance events throughout the year which keep our students motivated to continue practising and enthusiastic about attending their lessons. These events also encourage students to socialise and collaborate on musical items. Parents, familes and friends all come to know one another as they come to watch, and witness the improvement from one month to the next. It is wonderful to see students of all ages interacting and learning from one another. When you start having lessons with us, you're more then just a customer, you become part of The Freedom Music Family.  

The team at Freedom Music Studios are a passionate group of teachers who have dedicated their lives to the mastery and performance of their craft. We love what we do and it shows! Please meet our team...

CLARE ASSETTA - Owner and Principal Voice and Performance Coach

Clare Assetta is the driving force behind Freedom Music Studios and the services we provide. 
Clare has spent the past 17 years studying the art of Vocal Production. 
She has...

  • A Bachelor of Science majoring in anatomy and physiology.
  • A Diploma of Education.
  • Is currently a Level 2 IVA Instructor.
  • Has extensively studied Speech Level Singing and satisfied certification requirements.  
  • Completed The Compulsory Figures for Voice Control course 4 times.
  • Completed the Figure Combination for Six Vocal Qualities course 4 times 
  • Had years of private lessons from a handful of talented teachers.
  • Made regular live performances throughout Australia in a wide range of acts.
  • Completed sixth grade AMEB Flute Examination.
  • A current working with children check.
  • A Level 2 First Aid Certificate and current CPR qualification.

Throughout her vocal career Clare has often been left feeling hoarse and fatigued due to a heavy vocal load (from both singing and public presenting.) Over many years, Clare refused to believe that her voice was at it's capacity and strived to find the answers that many of her associates could not provide. After years of study and research, she has uncovered the secrets towards enduring, reliable, pain free and artistic voice production.

Clare's Science Degree, majoring in Physiology and Anatomy, gives her the skills to understand and discuss the singers 'instrument', the larynx. This knowledge enables vocalists to truly understand how their instrument works and the many techniques that can be applied to vocal production.

Thanks to her expert teachers and her studies in various disciplines including the SLS, Bel Canto, IVA and Estill, methodologies of voice production, Clare has a trained ear and the ability to communicate skills to other vocalists. Her method comes from studying the available literature, attending related courses and workshops, conversing and asking the advice of many vocal experts, as well as completing her own vocal experimentation.

Clare knows that learning never stops and therefore, if she is unsure how to assist, she has an arsenal of contacts including fellow vocal coaches in Australia and overseas, speech pathologists and ENT's that she can call upon for advice and discussion regarding an individuals needs.

As a seasoned performer, Clare knows there is nothing more degrading then losing your voice in the middle of a performance due to poor vocal technique. She has been there herself one too many times! Her mission is to provide as many students as possible with the skills and strength required to ensure that they never find themselves in this position!





Institute for Vocal Advancement - Certified Instructor

ADRIAN ASSETTA - Owner and Principal Guitar Coach

Adrian Assetta is the driving force behind Guitar Freedom and the services we provide.  Adrian has spent the past 30 years studying the art of guitar playing and musicianship. He has...

  • Studied Music at Box Hill Institute.
  • Studied Sound Engineering at RMIT, Melbourne
  • Taken years of private lessons from a handful of talented guitar teachers.
  • Travelled throughout Australia working as a guitarist in a wide range of acts.
  • Performed regularly in many of Melbourne’s clubs and venues over the past 10 years.  
  • A current working with children check.
  • A current Level 2 First Aid Certificate. 

Adrian’s parents took him to the Kiss Concert at Waverley Football Ground when he was 5 years old. Sitting on his Dad’s shoulders, Adrian knew from this moment that he wanted to learn the guitar. And he has been playing and studying guitar ever since. Now,  30 years on, his passion and enthusiasm remains alive and growing.  Adrian currently plays in a working function band and writes original music. His wealth of experience in playing and live performance, makes him a trustworthy mentor and provides him with the tools to set any budding guitarist on the road to success.                                                                        

Owner & Principal Guitar Coach - Adrian Assetta

ANTHEA CAMPIONE - Voice and Performance Coach

Anthea completed a Certificate II in Musical Theatre in 2008 at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts.  She then went on to complete A Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre at the University of Ballarat Arts Academy 2011. While at the Academy, Anthea performed in The Secret Garden (Lilly), The Rhinoceros Project (Ensemble), Rent (Swing/ Ensemble) and Oklahoma! (Ado Annie).

Anthea has learned various types of singing techniques; however, has mainly learned Seth Riggs' Speech Level Singing over the last 5 years. Having performed at many events throughout the years Anthea has acquired a number of performance techniques.She currently performs in a Theatre in Education show with Creative Collaborations called Suitcase Stories, performing in Victoria, Perth and Adelaide.

Anthea has completed Grade 4 AMEB Piano and Grade 5 Piano for Leisure, while also having completed Grade 3 theory.She is very passionate about music, performance and most of all seeing people follow their own passions and inspiring others to go further than they ever thought possible! 

Anthea - Voice and Performance Coach

LAUREN FERWERDA - Voice and Performance Coach and Administration Manager.

Lauren began her journey with us as a very dedicated student who just couldn't get enough voice training and performing! Her complete passion for these two things led her to pursue a career change and, as a result, she is currently studying a Diploma of Music majoring in voice and performance at Box Hill Institute. Luckily for us, Lauren also has an extensive background in administration and organisation.  She is an incredibly talented vocalist and performer but also takes great delight in keeping us all organised! As well as teaching high quality classes and coaching our students in performance, Lauren is also responsible for preparing and issuing invoices, timetabling of lessons, organisation of events and general communication with our clients. In other words, she never leaves our studios!

Administration Manager - Freedom Music Studios




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